Using Tillandsia Air Plants and other Plants for LIVING Wedding Bouquets, Faors, Decorations and Design

Have you ever seen Xerographica, Harrisii, Succulents, Spanish Moss, or Philodendron trails in Wedding Bouquets, Favors and Decorations?  You may not have  realized what it was!

Most Brides and Grooms envision their wedding as a personal and unique experience. Rainbow Cupboard has acheived this with use of Tillandsia Air Plants either on their own, or with fresh flowers. 

The most exciting aspect of using Air Plants in bouquets and arrangements is that they do not die! Using a living plant in your bouquet also allows you to gift your bridal party with part of their bouquet as an everlasting memory! 

Here are a few examples of original Rainbow Cupboard Wedding Decorations, Bouquets, and Favors